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The Last Cutie Mark Crusader 20.4
Trying to stay positive was becoming a full-time job for Cloud Blazer. His reputation as an optimist might be in jeopardy given the current situation, not that reputation was a major concern. The pain-numbing medications were being used much more sparingly now, which made sleep difficult, a shame for it was the one sweet relief he could get from the numerous hurts now. His body ached all over as it mended. Sometimes stabbing pain would shoot through various places, and headaches were frequent. Sometimes even the faintest light would be intensely upsetting to him.
He didn’t receive many frequent visitors. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were the only two that were around often. In actuality, Sweetie Belle was there constantly, for which Cloud Blazer was grateful. Sparklefly and Scootaloo also visited daily, but only for minutes at a time. Sweetie Belle didn't have much knowledge of the war in general, but she told him everything she knew. Scootaloo's promotion and sudden
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The Last Cutie Mark Crusader 19.5
Swiftlight sighed as he tackled the mountain that lay before him. Paperwork was boring, but it was much safer than facing the enemy head to head. The timberwolves had been much more lively, systematically hitting every major town and city that the EUP still held across Equestria in the past week. All positions had repelled them, and it was the general consensus that these attacks were not intended to overrun anyplace. The common belief was that they were testing for weaknesses. Between the unicorn shields and battle-hardened soldiers, no vulnerabilities had yet been revealed. The strange thing was that the timberwolves seemed to now be acting alone. No sign of changelings had been seen since Las Pegasus. General Mane Crusher was convinced that they were planning their next move. He wanted to take the fight to them, hit them while they were weakened and take advantage of their disarray. He felt that it would be a much better strategy than to wait for them to attack again. Howev
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Beauty and the Beast vs Ever After
On this week's Screen It or Stream It...
We pit the retelling of two classic fairy-tales against each other and see which one comes out on top. It's Beauty and the Beast versus Ever After: A Cinderella Story. I was convinced to get in front of the camera for this one, so it's also my debut in movie reviews. :ashamed:
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I wasn’t sure If I Should say anything about this but, does anyone else think that adoptables aren't always such a great idea?

Before I begin this journal I just want to make something clear. I will NOT tell anyone to stop making adoptables nor will I petition or request them being forced off of galleries.  I believe that we, as artists, have the right to draw and create whatever we want; Even If I personally don’t care for quite everything that’s out there. Still, I can’t help but skip over the “favorite” button whenever I see a price tag attached to a character deviation.

I suppose this is because of the reasons that I became a brony. When I was sucked into the fandom (against my best efforts, I might add) it was because the fanart I came across reflected a friendly community that supports the random ideas that come from spontaneous inspiration. Even artwork that I considered junky was loved and encouraged by the commenters. Everywhere I looked there were people posting characters and stories that were interesting and unpolished. Though I was trying not to get into the MLP world (it’s difficult breaking out of the macho-culture mindset) I couldn’t help but want to be a part of that community. Growing up, my family had, for the most part, four artists with nearly identical tastes. Being siblings also meant we were rivals so you wouldn’t believe how many times I heard (and said) those venomous words “Don’t draw that, you got that idea from ME!” The brony community seems to be the opposite of that. I see slight variations of the same design, but with COMPLETELY different stories and everyone is okay with that! It blows my mind sometimes.

One of the first episodes I watched was the equestrian girls movie. I couldn’t help but make my own character when I asked the question “What if it had turned out differently?” and since then I’ve made the decision to cut up my man-card and take the dive into this creative universe (I even made a DA account focused on it). I haven’t regretted that decision.

However, soon after I joined my first group. I started to notice the frequency of adoptables. For every original character I saw with a name, backstory, a personality of its own. I saw ten or more nameless, characterless OC’s drowning out the rest like an M&M mixed into a bag of skittles. Whenever I saw a unique character with cool features I would check it out, only to find that it was for sale and there was nothing else to it besides its beauty. Disappointed, I just moved on. I’ve joined more groups with less of a focus on adoptables since then but I still see more than I’d care to.

I love alicorn OCs. I know a lot of people have a problem with them but in my opinion; the MLP community has always been about making whatever crazy and out-there idea comes into your head and watching other people get inspired by it to do the same; Even if that idea shatters existing lore and standards. When I see a pony with horns, claws, an obscure color scheme, or any abnormality my first question is “why?”. I want to know why this pony has horns, Are they some kind of freak? Are they monster-pony hybrids? What’s their story? Who are their parents? Are they outcasts or perhaps part of a whole race? Where did this Alicorn come from? Can they be fit into the existing story by the use of some creative story-telling? I really want to know, It think these odd characters are amazing and I want to learn all about their bizarre history and their emotional struggles that comes from their extraordinary appearance. Unfortunately I rarely see such an interesting creature with ANY kind of backstory. They’re name is usually “Starting bid is…” and I can’t help but feel as though some actual OC’s have been cheated out of the unique features that are no longer as rare and precious.

There are some very good arguments FOR adoptables though:                              

Not everyone with the love of characters and stories are able to create OCs that they love. Like me, they struggle to come up with original designs and having such a vast and easily accessible plethora of options to pick from is a serious blessing.

They fund some very talented up-and-coming artists. What a great way to make money doing what you love without the need for big-name sponsors.

They also provide motivation to find something new. With the competition making all kinds of interesting ideas, these artists have to really reach far to gather unique traits in order to make their own products stand out. That brings some amazing concepts to the table that I’m genuinely impressed by.

Still, with these viable points in mind, I can’t help but feel like there’s a large portion of real potential lost when these characters are given such intriguing features with no story behind their existence. I’d rather these unusual ideas came slowly; over time, as artists think up their stories and personalities. To me, characters should be passionately loved by their creators and not just a product that belongs on a shelf; to be bought and sold as casually as a can of beans.

That’s my opinion. If you like to make adoptables or are considering taking up the trade I won’t try to talk you out of it. That’s your choice and I will not condemn or judge you for it. I really hope for your success. Just don’t be surprised if I don’t pay them any attention. It’s nothing against the artist or their ideals. It’s the practice that doesn’t interest me. Don’t let my opinion discourage you to make art. Just do me the favor of considering these points before you start. Maybe you can invent a new system of adoption that even a stickler like me can appreciate.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Am I right? Or is there something that I overlooked?


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Kinship Is Complicated: Mare References
One of the main factors in my transformation to bronyism was a character name Cellina. I watched an episode (The first movie actually) and couldn't stop asking "What if-?"
My mind of course, having no familiarity with the regular characters (I only knew Pinkie Pie's name at the time really), created it's own character to fit the scenario. A color scheme like Spirit (stallion of the cinnamon... Cinnamon right?) and the obscure ability to...shoot lighting? Named Cellina (Because a Super Cell is a type of storm, get it? hahai'msoclever)

Anyway, an entire story has been developing around this one character since then. I've been working on writing it down and solidifying it for a comic. As part of that effort I made these references to help me picture the characters more clearly and for use on later pieces. These are the main ladies of the tale. Well, the main ones who are OC's anyway. I know there's no real shadows, but these are local color studies and not finished pieces.

Let me know what you think okay?

P.S. I would recommend the downloaded version. as always.
SparkleFly Quick Portrait
Sparklefly is an OC made by :iconjatheus:.

I might have asked permission before drawing his character but then I decided not to. Viva la revolution!  It's just a one sitter... I haven't been feeling all that well inspiration wise so this was a great way to blow off steam.  I wish I could say there was a significant amount of work or that I learned something from this one but...I really didn't.... >_< Still it was fun. I also love rambling. Yep talk talk talk that's all I do... What is this my diary? Hahah no I'm just kidding... I don't keep a diary cause I'm a guy. I have a dream journal....Wait no.

So anyway, Sparklefly is one of many wonderful and endangered characters in the fabulous FIMfic
The Last Cutie Mark Crusader

Go check it out! Seriously. Go do that. I'm not asking @_@


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